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The Hungarian Natural History Museum, the Hungarian Entomological Society and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is glad to invite entomologists from Europe and beyond, to the IXth European Congress of Entomology, to Budapest, Hungary, between 22-27. August, 2010.


Title and main topics
Entomology information: science – society

Beyond discussing theories and new results in important new and regular topics (as Ecology, Nature protection, Agricultural entomology, Plant protection, Pest management, Invasive species, Morphology, Taxonomy, Systematics, Human aspects, Biochemistry, Toxicology, Genetics, Physiology, Ethology, Cultural entomology, Education, etc.) emphasis should be given to the flow of information from basic science to applied science and vice versa, and especially to relevant information exchange with the society and stakeholders of entomology

Means of the conference: keynote presentations, presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions, poster sessions, panel sessions partly organised by the Committee, partly by participants. Satellite conferences or workshops will also be co-organised.


The conference will be accompanied by a market place of books, equipments, tools for entomological research.

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