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    The study of insects in Iran returns to early twentieth century, initiating with studies of Prof. Jalal Afshar, who has been called the “Father of Entomology” in Iran. The historical background of entomology in Iran is well documented in “Iranian Entomology” (two volumes; Abivardi, 2001). More recently, the growth of entomology in Iran has created a considerable large family of entomologists, undertaking an increasingly large body of research. Given this, there is an urgent need for communication and exchange information between these scientists. We thought having a website is the best way to fulfill such a challenge.

   The main objectives of creating this site are to exchange information, and to discuss new idea. All entomologists are welcome to visit the site and to give their ideas about everything related to entomology of Iran. Please feel free to discuss about all aspects of entomology, problems and solutions.

Organized by:

Baniameri V. (PhD, Assistant Prof., Insect Pests of Greenhouse Crops)

Farazmand H. (PhD, Assistant Prof., Insect Physiology)

Marouf A. (PhD, Instructor, Insect Pests of Stored products)

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